SMW Engineers are qualified energy assessors to carry out assessments and produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Air Conditioning Inspections and associated reports.

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates tell you how energy efficient a building is on a scale of A-G. The most efficient building - which should have the lowest fuel bills - are in band A

The Certificate also tells you, on a scale of A-G, about the impact the building has on the environment. Better-rated buildings should have less impact through carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The average property in the UK is in bands D-E for both ratings. The Certificate includes recommendations on ways to improve the building’s energy efficiency to save you money and help the environment.

Most sellers of newly built properties have to provide a predicted assessment of the energy efficiency of the property, but a full Energy Performance Certificate should be provided to the buyer or renter when the property is sold or rented.

Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) show the actual energy usage of a building, the Operational Rating, and help the public see the energy efficiency of a building. This is based on the energy consumption of the building as recorded by gas, electricity and other meters. Display Energy Certificates are only required for buildings with a total useful floor area over 1,000m 2 that are occupied by a public authority and institution providing a public service to a large number of persons and therefore visited by those persons. They are valid for one year. The accompanying Advisory Report is valid for seven years.

Air conditioning Inspections

From 4 January 2009, regular inspections for air conditioning systems was introduced for all air conditioning systems over 250kW/building, and by 4 January 2011 all air conditioning systems over 12kW must have their first inspection.

The inspections include an assessment of efficiency, a review of their sizing and advice on improvements or replacements and alternative solutions.

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